What is Twinery Open Challenge?
When we bring together Twinery's talented entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and engineers with the world's most
visionary thinkers, companies, research labs and start-ups, incredible things can happen.

Twinery brings together world-class scientists, designer, engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs to create and
commercialize the textile technologies of tomorrow and bring them to market today. Through our open innovation program, Twinery Open Challenge, we are always looking for partners to collaborate with. This portal offers a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to collaborate with Twinery – whether you have a solution to one of our needs or simply have a great idea that you want to pitch to us.

Twinery is the innovation arm of MAS Holdings.

Our Solutions


Our silicone printing business is a great example of how Twinery collaborates with individual inventors to develop win-win solutions. In this case, partnering with Twinery allowed this inventor to commercialize his intellectual property at a speed and scale that would not have been possible otherwise. And Twinery has been able to build a strong silicone business that gives us, and our customers, a meaningful competitive edge in the market.


Our flexible, integrated lighting technology, Firefly, is a highlight of Twinery’s current technology portfolio. To complement Twinery’s in-house expertise in textile integration we worked with partners including Holst Centre (platform development), Flex (hard electronics development) and Enmech (manufacturing). We also worked with Queensland University of Technology on validation of the visibility standards.

How Open Challenge Works

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Open Challenges

Feel Better Cotton
Enhancing the handfeel of lower-grade cotton
Closing date :

Leak-free swimwear.
How can you enjoy water while menstruating?
Closing date :

Psst I’m Full
Developing wetness indicator for underwear
Closing date :

Love the lace
How do we make the label less irritable?
Closing date :

Perfect 10 dry
Is there an eco-friendly and quick dry material?
Closing date :


I Have An Idea


Do I have to own or be part of a company to collaborate with Twinery?

No. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, or anyone. Twinery works with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds including students, engineers, medical experts, and pro athletes. If you believe that your expertise, experience or an invention could help Twinery, or that we could help you, please reach out to us.

What does collaborating with Twinery look like?

We collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organisations including startups, academic institutes and large companies. Each relationship is based on what works best for both you and Twinery. Over the years we’ve successfully put in place many different types of agreements licensing, consulting, joint development, and equity arrangements.

If I work with Twinery, do I have to leave my current profession?

If you’re interested in joining the Twinery team, this is certainly something we can look at as part of the relationship. But if you prefer to continue in your current profession while collaborating with us, that’s fine with us, provided that there are no conflicts of interest or time management issues.

I have a great idea but I do not have a patent. Can I still reach out to you?

We understand that patenting an invention can be a costly and time-consuming affair. If you don’t have formalized IP protection in place, we still encourage you to reach out to us with as much information as you’re comfortable sharing prior to having a confidentiality agreement in place.

Can I only work with you if my invention or expertise is related to Twinery’s requirements or the textiles industry?

No. In fact, we definitely want to hear from you if you have a solution for a completely different industry. If it’s a great idea, Twinery can work with you to figure out how to apply it to our domain.

How can I take this forward?

Write to us with your idea. We can deploy our experience and expertise to help take your innovation to market in a form and on a scale which you might not have thought possible. We’re aiming at a win-win for everybody!